Thursday, November 10, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Vintage Furniture

$150 Chatter bench
This is for those romantic days when you want to literally wait by the phone for a call. Remember when we did that? Our kids won't know what that phrase means. Now our phones wait by us for us to want them. Deep.

$65 Hall tree
If I had a bigger entryway, I would want something just like this.
It's like an etagere, but has even more stuff going on.
It has a spot to stick keys and a bowl to catch your change, a place for umbrellas, and hooks for scarves or hats. I'd add even more hooks and hang jackets off the side and put boots underneath.

$50 Sewing Cache
This little stool opens up and there are compartments for thread and needles and stuff. I wonder if it is sturdy enough to sit on.

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