Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Colors that flatter all complexions

I read this article about colors that complement all women, and I kind of disagree with the ones they've chosen.

They claim that eggplant, Indian teal (above, I'd call it peacock blue), mellow rose, and true red look good on everyone.

I especially disagree with the eggplant claim. I think it almost always makes the wearer look like crap. It washes out lighter skin tones and makes darker ones too yellow in contrast.
The dusty rose color they chose can look good on some people, but on others it makes skin look older. For some reason I think it also makes people look curvier, which can be a bonus or not depending on what you are going for.

I do think that the blue they chose is a good one, and that red is another good choice.
I'd also opt for crisp white, lavender, magenta, and royal blue.


 Royal Blue:



See what I mean?

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