Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Neon Tribal Bag

If you want to try out the bright colors and tribal patterns that are popular right now, but don't want to think about what pants to wear that top with or which shoes go with that dress, an easy way to integrate them into your wardrobe is with a bag.

Not only are the bags below pretty and on-trend, they are also handmade by a non-profit made up of indigenous people in Venezuela and Colombia and the proceeds go to building their communities. Wayuu Taya means "I am indigenous" btw.
So it has real street cred unlike the one your coworker has which was probably made in a Chinese factory and you can brag to her about your commitment to native populations etc. Just saying.

This useful and cheerful bag is currently on sale 30% off, too!

$122 Wayuu Taya Foundation Susa red multi bag

$122 Wayuu Taya Foundation Susa brown and white bag

$122 Wayuu Taya Foundation Susa pink multi bag

 $122 Wayuu Taya Foundation Susa orange multi bag

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