Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Tracy Reese, Miha, Tibi

As you remember, there are tons of sample sales going on now.
I had the chance to stop by a few including Tracy Reese, Miha, and Tibi. I recommend you go to the sales in that order because the prices start really low and go up as you move to different stores.

The best part of the Tracy Reese sale of course were the samples, Plenty on sale for $35 and Tracy Reese for $50. Most of what I saw on the two sample racks were Plenty. The dresses are great! There were sme shorts bright patterned and skirts, and some knit shirts which I didn't think were anything special, but the strength of the sale was definitely the dresses.


I picked up a cross front cream and green watercolor effect dress with crystals draped from the hem, and a very chick orange and blue densely patterned shift dress with interesting sleeves.

There were some knit clunky platform sandals up front, but nothing really wearable.
The rest of the sale was organized on racks by size. I didn't even look at that stuff because I didn't want to spend a lot and I knew I would be tempted by the over $100 items.

On to the Miha sale! As you walk in, you are greeted with a rack of colorful tees for $15.


The next rack holds dresses and tops for 85 with some fun sequins. There were some $40 skirts, shorts, lace tops, and jersey dresses. I tried on a great cream dress with silver beaded hem that was unfortunately not made for my body type. Straight hipped girls go wild though!
In the center of the store are leather jackets by Saan for only $115! These were beautiful and a steal. I tried on a gray dolman sleeve jacket with the original price of $645.


I ended up getting a beautiful and super heavy distressed layered leather jacket for $85. Sorry, it was the only one. The elbows were ripped (not intentionally), but I figure I can buy some leather elbow patches and fix it up. I think that I why it was less than the other $115 jackets. It drapes in a nice way and is meant to be worn open, as I discovered when I went to zip it up and looked ridiculous.

My last stop was Tibi, and compared to the other sales, this was a disappointment for me. Sample dresses which were kind of  beatup were $100. There were some sample sweaters fof $75 and $125 but nothing special. Most of the dresses were stock, and priced at $175 and above. The pretty ones and nice coats were $225+.
The only real deals I saw there were runways shoes for $50, especially the tan woven oxfords. I don't need more oxfords now but if I did I would have jumped on these. There were 37s, 38s, and a bunch of 39s.

The other great deal was the bathing suit bin. Bathing suit separates and strapless patterned one pieces were all $15. If you are looking for a crazy colorful print to wear on a vacation this winter, you should definitely stop by. It was a pain in the butt to try to find matching sets, but there were some in there and the good thing about the funky designs is that you can mix and match them.


I got a purple and green flowered one piece. Its a little bit small,but I think it will work. You aren't allowed to try on bathing suits but I saw a bunch of women putting the tops on over shirts and that seemed ok with the salespeople.

Happy shopping!

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