Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cosmetic Store Closeout Binge!

The other day, I walked past a store doing a liquidation sale. There are tons of these in NYC and some of them aren't even really going out of business, but what made me do a double-take and eventually turn around and walk in was that the shelves were 3/4 empty and the store was a makeup store!

Everything was super cheap.
Even cheaper than the cheap prices marked on the wall!

There was lots of foundation and coverup- many light shades, some medium shades, and lots of dark shades.
Also a lot of blonde hair dye and eyeliner and deodorant.

Here is what I walked out with:


That is:
2 x Mitchum deodorant: $0.60 each
Almay line smooth foundation in Buff: $0.80
Revlon Age defying Concealer $2
2 x Revlon Colorstay undereye concealer: $1.60 each
Almay Get up and Grow mascara in Black Brown: $1.20

Total with tax: $9.15

Yes, all less than $10!

If you want to hit up the store before it closes and get some beauty products, it's:

Cosmetics Warehouse
250 W 39th st NY, NY 10018
(212) 302-5799
M-F 9:30-7:30
Sat 11-6

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