Monday, November 7, 2011

Etsy Find of the Day: Animal Hats

Animal hats (made of faux fur or knitted) with ears that stick out are all the rage this Autumn and Winter season.  I have always been jealous that the only people who could wear them before were babies and cosplay weirdos and maybe Japanese schoolgirls.
Now it seems that they have made their way into the mainstream.
Some people are calling them "Spirit Hoods" but if you call them that, I will slap you in the face. Try me.

Here are some cute options from Etsy:

 $70 Striped wolf hat and scarf

 $18 Dalmation hat with ears

$20 White fleece hat with ears

$50 Feathered fur wolf hat

$25 Giraffe earflap hat

$38 Crocheted monkey hat

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