Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cheap Winter Dresses at F21

$24.80 Surplice colorblock dress
The top on this one is sheer, and the bottom looks short, so wear with a solid camisole and opaque tights if you want to look less sexy.

$24.80 Pleated pocket dress
The pattern and shape of this dress is great, but avoid it if you are a pear.

$27.80 Maxi tribal print dress
It's hard to wear ankle length or maxi length items to work without looking like you just got in from the commune, but this dress manages to hit the mark. Pair it with a crisp black 3/4 blazer for a more professional look.

$22.80 Printed Surplice dress
Another surplice look! I love them. I live in dresses like these because they are so versatile and comfortable and they are good to wear all year-round. I am wearing one right now. Can you tell?

$24.80 Fit and flare dress
This is a great shape in a hard-to-wear color. I think the model in that pic looks terrible in it, but I would love to see someone with really dark skin wear it because then it would look like peach instead of trying to blend in to flesh tone.


  1. I like their dresses but they are so short on me! Wish they made their stuff a little longer.

  2. I completely agree, Kate. The printed surplice dress is the only one (other than the maxi) that I would wear without opaque tights or leggings to make it more modest.

  3. I AGREE!

    I love the $24.80 Fit and flare dress TOO, but why do dresses have to be so damn short these days? I don't need to be sitting in that thing on the subway nor do I need anyone other than my husband enjoying the view. :( sad panda twitter@ohnonichole


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