Thursday, November 10, 2011

Are you mani-curious? Black and silver purple manicure with black shiny tips

A new manicure.


For this one, I started with a black coat (a cheapo crappy Urban Outfitters polish I wouldn't recommend to anyone). I only did one coat because I knew I'd be covering it and it just needed to be a base, not a perfect layer.

Then I used a China Glaze silvery purple crackle over the top.
Imagine my surprise when it hardly cracked at all!
Oh no!
What was I to do?
Well, the crackle made the polish look matte, so I decided to try a look that I've been thinking about: matte nails with shiny tips.

I went back over the tips with another layer or two of black, and sealed the black part and the joint of the black and crackle with a clear topcoat. I didn't want to put the topcoat on the main nail because I wanted it to stay matte. If you have a matte topcoat, go ahead and use it.


Not bad, right? I like the look of the black tips; the ultimate reverse french manicure.

It's chipping badly already because the black polish is so crappy, but I like the effect and will try it again sometime with better polishes.

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