Monday, November 7, 2011

New Trend: Dresses with Leather Accents

I've seen a lot of clothing recently with leather accents, like sweaters with leather shoulders or elbow patches, but a new thing I am seeing is leather on dresses. And not on party dresses, either.
Leather is going day, and leather is going to the office.

I like how these dresses add hints of leather without looking trashy or weird

$104 Chequer Faux Suede Detail dress
The suede highlights the parts of your body that you want noticed- your waist, which it makes narrower, and your shoulders, which it makes straighter.

 $89.85 Warehouse trim dress
If you want a similar look to the Chequer dress above, try this one. It has the same color palette but is more casual and draped.

$59.99 GAP Leather trim shift dress
Just a hint of leather lining the pockets. Comes in olive and dark gray.

$99.99 Calvin Klein Faux leather trim tweed dress
This one is very similar to the one above, only a little more leather and sleeveless. I like the notched slit at the knee and I prefer this one.

$68.90 Maggie London Ponte Knit Sheath dress
Another great look for work. I like the sleeves and the way the navy works with the dark brown leather. Wear this with high brown heels.

$148 Donna Morgan Leather Trim Colorblock dress
This one reminds me of the 1960s Mondrian print dresses. Isn't it mod?

1965 Yves St. Laurent Mondrian print dress

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