Friday, November 4, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day

$35 Set of 4 linen cocktail napkins
Classy cloth napkins? Check.
Napkins with cool designs? Check.
Napkins that can easily disguise spills and stains? Check!

$215 Vintage Fire Screen
This is so pretty and so ornate. It's nice to be reminded that there was a time when people really cared about embellishing the way their everyday useful items looked.
I guess that is still around a little today, but everything seems to be "sleek" this and "ergonomic" that and not "I just made this fancy!!!" You know?

$25 Fish X Ray pillow
This would go equally well in a quirky girl's studio apartment or a giant bachelor pad for 5 guys that has a huge aquarium that they pay someone to maintain because they are drunk all the time. Not that I ever went to that apartment in Chelsea.

$95 Glass heart in jar
The heart is on a clear post stuck to the back so it looks like it is floating in the jar. The "glass heart" is so metaphorical that it's a relief to read this in the description:

Nobody likes a broken heart, so we have constructed this one from durable borosilicate glass- the same kind of glass used in scientific labs. The jar is a completely sealed vacuum, and does not open. 


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