Friday, April 1, 2011

Wedge Sandals

Well, I decided to go for the Coach Maleena wedges, but then when I looked for them at the store, they didn't have them. They are also sold out of my size online, and the uptown store doesn't have them either. I believe this is what they refer to as SOL.

So I am still on  a wedge hunt. I had a pretty good navy pair from Zara that lasted only 1.5 seasons before dying. I want some that hold up a little longer this time.

I'd like:
-not too steeply arched
-makes me a little taller
-open toe
-solid or muted colors (navy or tan would be best)
-not made of lacey cloth like my last ones that my toes poked through
-preferably not slingbacks since those don't stay up on me that well

Here is what I am looking at so far:
$178 Look-through wedges from Anthro
These look indestructible with the wood and the rivets. Hopefully the hole makes them a little lighter.

$148 Marine depths wedges from Anthro
I like the navy color and how it repeats near the sole.

$45 Audrey Brooke Sarah wedge
Sorry for the baby pic, DSW won't let me have a bigger one.
I like the mix of gold and tan colors here but it might be a little too low for what I want. I wish it had a platform on the toe.

$70 MRKT Dita wedge
Nice contrast between the black and the straw and plenty of platform, but the bottom might be a little too thick for me.

$125 Ivanka Trump Larima
Good shape and height but not sure about the lock.

$40 Annie Olivia navy linen
These look really comfortable and great but I wish they were higher.

$69 Fitzwell Bailee
But would they stay on? or flop around painfully?


  1. I want wedges like that- EXCEPT that I want something with a closed toe that I could wear to work. Am I crazy? Black or tan preferred. Help me, Rebecca Likes Online SHopping!

  2. Love the Anthropologie Look Thru Wedges but they're sold out up to size 10.5..ugh! waited too long to purchase. :( know any other places that sell the hole in the wedge type sandals?



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