Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$56 Cufflinks from WestCoastSeaGlass
Something to go with your new tuxedo shoes one post down.

$5.75 Chevron stripe jotter from WitAndWhistle
What a fashionable notebook you have! Of course you can put my phone number and email address in it.
And you can write in it while sitting under.....

This great lampshade!
$75.95 from StudioJota
I like how fresh and clean it is. It could go well with most decor- modern and sleek or rococo.

$8.50 Vintage stripe juice glasses from adripofcoffee
Speaking of clean black and white design, how about these awesome glasses? And 6 of them for $8.50? What a steal. I would get them myself if my kitchen cabinets weren't already overflowing.

$28 Kitchen Conversion print from SweetFineDay
While we are in the kitchen, this print of measurement conversions is both prettily designed and useful.

$98 Gold plated arrows ring from LiamofYork
Interesting braided band and cool edgy (literally) points. If you had a small finger tattoo or birthmark, wearing this ring would be a great way to highlight it.

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