Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth day reusable storage

It's Earth day! Did you get it anything?
No?! You beast!
Well, you can start with not using so much tupperware and plastic takeout containers that you toss all the time.

Here are some great cheap glass versions that should last longer, stain less, and be marginally safer to microwave in.
$2.99 Ikea Droppar jar with lid

$2.99 Ikea Burken jar with lid

$4.99 Ikea Burken tall jar with lid

$8.99 Crate and Barrel large bowl with lid
$3.95 Crate and Barrel small bowl with lid

$19.99 BBB Glass cylinder canisters set of 4

$24.99 Pyrex storage deluxes 12 piece set (6jars)
I don't like it when people say they are giving you 12 pieces and half of them are just the lids, but whatev, this is still a good price for indestructible pyrex bowls.

Are you ready to recycle your plastic and start fresh? I might be.

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