Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Navy finds

I was surprised by some cute things I saw in the window of the Old Navy near my work, so I went in and found a lot of good designs.

The fabrics were not very thick or high quality, but I guess that's how they make money. There were some good looks in there, between the cargo shorts and the capris.

Here is what I liked:
$24.95 Open-Toe Espadrilles
I tried these on and they stay up even without the ankle strap, so I might get a pair and just take the strap out.

$24.95 Beaded V-Neck Cardigan
I really like this design and saw it marked down in the store even more, to $18 or something, and I love that it has 3/4 sleeves. I was put off by the thin fabric and decided I had enough summer cardigans already, but I would recommend this style.

$22.95 Convertible Linen tote
Good for the beach or a weekend away.

The fabric has a nice shimmer and would be a fun light summer skirt.

$14.50 Embellished Tee
Nice scoop neck shape and a little fun at the neckline so you don't even need to wear a necklace. Could be a good layering piece.

$29.50 Striped One-piece
This has adjustable straps so it can be altered. I like the small stripes- they remind me of a vintage bathing costume, and I think the style is slightly vintage as well. Looks like a good deal for $30.
There are also some cute bikinis but they aren't worth $20 each for top and bottom in my opinion. If they go on sale though...

So what did I walk out of there with?
Well, unfortunately I can't find the two things I bought online, but I got a purse hook with a big fake blue jewel on it for $5 and green nailpolish for $3.50.

I'd been wanting a purse hook for a while absentmindedly, but didn't actually want to spend money on one. This seemed like the right price to me, so now I never have to put my bag on the floor or on my lap again.
Did you know Old Navy made nailpolish? Me neither.

The brand is called "Tip Toe" and the color I got is lime slush. It's somewhere between mint and spring green and I think it will be fun. My mom would say that it makes me look like I am growing mold though.

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