Thursday, April 14, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

Etsy does ikat!
Most of what is on offer is fabric and pillows and scarves, but I am more interested in the other items because you can find fancy pillows on your own.

$89 ikat coat dress from AtticGoods
Doesn't come with this belt, but I think it should be belted and worn this way.

$69 Nicole Miller silk dress from montyandbee
These colors are not my cup of tea, nor is the length, but someone else might like them.

$299 Cotton and silk tunic from movieboyproductions
Cool shape and good use of the larger print.

$60 Quilted jacket from PaisleyBabylon
Would look nice over a white or mustard tank top.

$35 Turtleneck dress from VonleskaVintage
This is one of those "Oh no it is so ugly but wait, maybe it's cute" things that Williamsburg is so good at.

$39 Jersey bike shorts from iheartnorwegianwood
Is there ever an occasion for these? Or an outfit where they would look good? Let me know.

$46 silk tote bag from SunSilkflowers
Cool colorful tote for the summer and the beach.

$55 Jacket from silkway
There are more, similar pieces in the rest of their shop. This jacket could be a good way to introduce a little ikat to your wardrobe without it being the whole outfit.

$28 from CairoVintage
I looooooooooooove this shirt and the combination of ikat and plaid and how the plaid seems to be melting.

$14 Vintage cooler or lunchbag from cmstark
How awesome would your lunch be if it came out of this? Also, this is much better than walking to work with a plastic bag in your hand for your lunch like I do.

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