Friday, April 1, 2011

Forever 21 Sandals (for the rest of us)

Here are some great sandal choices we all can afford from F21.
They might fall apart the minute your foot touches them, but hey, you can look cute for that minute.
Bonus- since they are all fake leather, they are all vegan-friendly.

$22.80 Dana stacked heel

$22.80 Floral Espadrille wedges

$26.80 Strappy leatherette cone heels
These are my favorites

$24.80 Espadrille sun wedges
These are my second favs
$27.80 Leatherette tie-up cone heels

$26.80 Strappy leatherette wedges

$19.80 Braided leatherette sandals

$15.80 Sydney braided sandals

ALSO- I was just at H&M and they have cute strappy flat sandals in a ton of colors for under $10.

Why do all F21 prices end in 80?

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