Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuxedo shoes

This is a request from the handsome and wonderful Ethan who needs new shoes to wear with his tuxedo but doesn't know how much he wants to spend on them. He wants black and not too crazy of a style. His last tux shoes were shiny.

Here are some options ranging in style and price:

$90 Bostonian Cap Toe Akron Blucher Oxfords
I like the shape of the shoe and the line at the toe that breaks up the length and doesn't make your feel look like long paddles.
$130 Calvin Klein Hamilton Mock Toe Oxfords
Traditional and plain, won't go out of style.

$70 Stacy Adams Daltrey Patent Plain Toe
The shiniest and the cheapest!

$145 Kenneth Cole Oxfords
Another plain, shiny option.

$130 Calvin Klein Gareth Tuxedo
Flatter and more elegant toe box.

$180 Ecco Seattle Apron
A slightly different more chunky and athletic look. Can be dressed down and worn to work when not at a black tie event.

$70 Barclay Diplomat Tuxedo
I like the contrast between the two textures, I think it is very stylish. These are for the confident, snappy dresser. Also a good budget item.

$595 Prada Perforated
Another great textured pair with tiny holes on top.

$225 Hugo Boss Recco Tuxedo
Shiny patent leather and smooth style. These should last you years and years.

$570 Salvatore Ferragamo Fedele
I like the saddle-shoe line at the base of the laces and the overall shape.

$495 Salvatore Ferragamo Andrea Patent
Sleek and not too many embellishments- even the laces have been reduced to 2 holes.


  1. Ethan should also be aware of how tall he is. The shorter you are, the longer and pointer the shoe needs to be. If you are short, a flat and square shoe will make you look even shorter. To extend the line of the leg and the pants, and to make you look taller, a pointer shoe works.

    And if you're european or italian, it needs to be as pointy as possible.

    Oh. And polish them! POLISH THEM. I cannot stress that enough.

  2. Good point about the height/length ratio, thanks stynxno!

  3. There are lots of tuxedos shoes to choose from, just ensure that they will fit to your tuxedo even if it is a fine cheap tuxedo.


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