Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$40 Square nail belt buckle from citizenobjects
Great design and texture, and even cooler when you know what it is made from.

$5 Peacock feather gift cards from MichelleBrucegaard
Nice color combination and pattern. Sometimes small cards like these are perfect because then you don't have to write much on them.

$30 Barn wood and barbed wire box
Such rough materials make sure a cute end product. This would be great for storing cufflinks, tie clips, buckles, etc.

$20 Wood switchplate cover from againstthegrain13
This would look great against a clean white wall.

$18 Art print on book page from RestlessThings
I love the old paper look and the delicate and faded print that goes so well with the background. You'd want to mat this before framing so you don't lose the pretty edge coloring.

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