Friday, April 1, 2011

Adventures in nailpolish trends

Two new nail trends I'm seeing on the net these days are "the accent nail" and "the half-moon manicure."

I had done the blue shade (it's Essie but I forget the name of it) last weekend, and the sticker on the pinky as well. But in the shower today the polish on the ring and middle fingers chipped so I decided to experiment with them.


On my middle finger I painted over the blue but left a half-moon shape. I used Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in "Steel Gray" which I got at the drugstore. It is great and I really love the color, the coverage, and the wide flat brush which makes the polish go on more easily.
I got it on a lark when I saw it because I liked the lavender undertones but I am glad I did and I will be buying more Rimmel if I see another good color.
I don't love the half-moon style, though I like the way it looks in the pic so maybe it's just the angle of me looking at it that I don't like.

My ring finger has H&M "It's genious M" [sic] which I just got this morning because it was in the $1 sale been at the store on 18th and 5th ave. I like the color but the coverage isn't great. This is 3 coats and the first coat was really weak and streaky. It is also not as shiny and smooth as better polishes. Glad I didn't spend the original price of $4.95 on this one.
One of the reasons I wanted to try the H&M polish is that they are coming out with a whole new line of colors that look really attractive (see below). Now I think I might skip them though, unless I hear that they've changed their formula.
The bottle shape is different from the one I bought, which is the more classic square on the bottom with a cylinder top, but I don't know if the contents are the same.

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