Friday, April 15, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips: review

I got a bunch of the Sally Hansen nailpolish strips that you peel and stick and I have to say, I don't love them as much as the rest of the blogosphere seems to.

On the plus side, the patterns are cute and would be impossible to replicate with liquid polish, and they come with the cutest little nail file and cuticle pusher:
cutest nail file

I thought the strips themselves weren't sticky enough. They are hard to position right on the first try, and when you take one off and reposition it, it isn't really sticky.

The strips were also pretty fragile; the instructions recommend stretching them onto your nail but I ripped them that way so I'd say just lay it on and then smooth down.

They're pretty long so you can double up and use one for two nails if you have short nails.
Here is one in progress before I filed off the excess:
in progress

They look pretty good now that I am done, but the edges of the nails were hard to get right. Filing made the strips buckle and crack and some of my nails already have chips because filing took pieces off.
Here's the finished product:

I think I am going to go over them with clear in the hopes that they will stick better to the tips of my nails that way.

One other complaint I have about these is the insane amount of packaging and plastic that comes with it. Here is what it looked like when I was done:


All told, I will use the other packs I bought, but probably won't buy them again.
I might be willing to try other brands if people say those are better, but I am not as enthused as I was before. I'm sticking with liquid.

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