Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mokume gane

Time to learn a new word!
Mokume game is Japanese for "metal wood" and refers to a pattern that results from folding and layering many sheets of different metals together. It was originally used for swords and is now used for jewelry.

The patterns can look like wood grain, or circles, or swirls, or stripes.

There are a bunch of great sellers out there so I have gone through and picked a bunch I like:
$500 from ArcadiaRose
This ring treats the metal as an accent stone instead of the whole piece, which is interesting to me.

$197 from jewelrybyjohan
This ring has the mokume gane as inlay in a titanium band.

$90 cufflinks from elkjoaillerie

The square shape contains the crazy pattern.

$180 from jyakiyoshi
This one is sterling and nickel. I like the way the lines of the ring are wavy to match the pattern of the band.

$28.88 bowl earrings from markaplan
A great starter set for a mokume gane collection.

$185 ring with turquoise from ChrisTimberlake
The solid turquoise color makes the design of the metal stand out even more.

$140 striped ring from JulietLove
This is what all those pressed layers look like before they are swirled together to make more intricate patterns. It looks like ribbon candy to me, in a good way.

$1811 22ct gold from roystonupson
This would make a great wedding band, and there is a little diamond set on the inside which is a secret for only you to know about.

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