Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Makeup news

OPI is coming out with more Shatter polish colors, but I still don't even have the black one :(

Paperself has cool false eyelashes made out of paper that come in all sorts of shapes and themes and are reusable. This would be the quickest way to start looking like Lady Gaga.

Put maple syrup (or this fancy cream made from its extracts) on your face to counteract aging.

Tepezcohuite is a shrub whose leaves are made into a balm that is supposed to heal skin and promote new skin growth. In Mexico, they call it the "skin tree." It is one of the main ingredients in Salma Hayek's beauty line (Nuance) that is supposed to come out next year at CVS. If you want to try it out before her line launches, here are some products made with it now:



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