Monday, April 16, 2012

Window Farming

Have you heard of this?
City dwellers like me can maximize their sun exposure and grow veggies in a vertical hydroponic system in their windows.
You can buy a kit or make it yourself with DIY instructions; has options for either.
The ones you can buy from them are nice looking but wayyyy expensive in my opinion. One column is $120 and 4 columns are $350.
$119.95 One vertical column window farm kit


You can make your own with plastic bottles and some instructions for a hanging window farm. Those instructions are split into a ton of pages and I don't love them.

These instructions about how to create a standing window farm are a little easier to read and follow.

Both versions require a pump, which for me is the level of DIY I do not cross (electricity? no thanks), but I hope some of you make these!

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