Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Etsy Finds of the Day: Tights by BZR

This seller creates ombre dyed tights (one color fades into the other) that look pretty cool with a simple skirt.

$50 Fuchsia violet ombre tights

I am usually not a fan of open toe shoes and tights, but this works since the skirt and shoes are black and they bookend the pink and let it shine.

$50 coal ombre tights

This black and gray version is a little more subtle and looks great with lighter shoes which continue the ombre effect.

$50 sunset ombre tights

These aren't subtle at all, but they are fun.
Please don't do the think where you wear them with hideous floral shorts that make you look like your whole hip region is one big vagina. Not a fan of that look.

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