Thursday, April 12, 2012

Convertible suitcase/backpack

Bags that do double duty are so valuable.
I have a soft-bodied rolling suitcase that has hidden backpack straps in it, and it's the bag I use almost every time I go anywhere.

This bag looks similar to what I have (maybe a little stiffer fabric) but is versatile and has a really good price. It doesn't have wheels, but you can carry it by the side like a duffel or with backpack straps.
 $56 ebags weekender etech convertible bag

Having separate outside pockets is also really important- I like to keep my underwear and makeup and hair stuff separate, and then use the extra pocket for laundry on the way home so it doesn't contaminate my clean stuff.
Here's the inside

And here it is in backpack form

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