Friday, April 13, 2012

Pendleton Sweaters on Sale

As I've said, Spring is the best time to get sales on Winter stuff. Pendleton is proving this for me with the high quality and long lasting sweaters now 77% off.
Jump on it!

Now, when I buy a coat or sweater off-season, what I usually do is leave it in its packaging until the next Winter.
This serves two purposes:
  1. You get to open a present later!
  2. It doesn't get musty or moth-eaten or ruined before you've gotten a chance to wear it.
So buy some sweaters and keep them in the plastic.


$46.99 (down from $148) Snowflake toggle sweater
This comes in tan or blue, and I think both are really cute.
I love shawl collar sweaters and I love toggles, and this has both!
It's all wool and would be warm.

$30.99 (down from $98) Shetland cardigan
This is a classic wardrobe staple in a great breathable material.
And it's machine washable! Get one now while they are cheap.
The V neck is flattering and the cut is not too loose and grandpa but also not too tight and Euro. Plus, pockets!

$53.99 (down from $168) Crossroads cardigan
This is nice soft lambswool with a shawl collar and an interesting design. I can't get over the "cross-ness" of it as a Jew, but maybe some less sensitive people or proud Christians can get this one. It's cute and a good deal.

$30.99 (down from $90) Zipper vest
Do you miss Rick Santorum now that he has dropped out? I don't.
And I certainly don't miss his "look," but if you want to celebrate/revile him by dressing as him, this would be the perfect vest. It's too wide, it has an awkwardly thick rib around the waist, and it makes the wearer's shoulders look sloping and sad.
Never too late for Halloween, dudes.

STOP THE PRESSES! I just re-read the description of this on their website and this has a "Contrast  sweat patch" on the neck.
WTFFFFFFFF? That is a feature?!?
I learn things about fashion every day. I am uhh.... lucky.

The women's stuff tends to skew a little frumpier, so while there are 50something styles on sale, I'd recommend not getting most of them.

$37.99 (down from $120) Silk V neck cardigan
Washable and made from a silk and nylon blend. It's a great work sweater that you can keep on your chair in case they decide it's time to make the office into a frozen tundra. Happens often.
It's not super fitted, so wearing it open is good, or belting it is good. Go for black or navy or ivory but skip the other blues. They are the wrong kinds of blue. The kinds that make you look like you have pleated khakis underneath them.

$59.99 (down from $190) Blanket wrap sweater
These are cozy and cute, but they have the tendency to look like bathrobes so check the return policy in case that happens when you put it on.
Made from alpaca and sheep wool.

$37.99 (down from $118) Merino cable jewel neck sweater
The cables are small on this sweater, so if you are a wide person, steer clear. You should be narrow and small for this to look good on you. If you are larger, you might look like you are upholstered.
Also comes in charcoal heather.

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