Monday, April 16, 2012

Trench dresses: the coats you don't take off

Winter became Summer almost instantly, it seems.
But if Spring decides to show up, a trench dress is a great transition piece that will take you from one season to the next.
They look polished and business-y but can be fun in a bright color or with bold accessories like a neon necklace.

One thing that you should remember when wearing a trench dress is that it is NOT a coat and that you really shouldn't take it off.
Sometimes, you look down and see those big trench buttons and you're like "I'm indoors! Time to strip down." But in a trench dress, that is a bad idea. Because it's your dress. And you will be showing everyone your underwear.

Here are some great trench dresses from ASOS:

 $63.63 Max C London trench dress
This one is a bright loud color but made from cotton twill which is a traditional, non-shiny fabric so it isn't too over the top.

$87.26 Orion sleeveless trench
This one really cinches the waist and makes you look skinny.
The broad shoulders echo the A line skirt and make you into a real hourglass.

$40.90 ASOS drop waist skirted trench
You have to have the right skin tone to wear this color (and I don't know what tone that might be so don't ask me), but the shape is cute and the little pleated dropped waist skirt is very feminine.

$196 Cooper and Stollbrand Full skirt trench
This has sharp pleats on its long skirt. It's kind of cheating because this can be worn as a coat, but I would prefer it as a dress with nothing underneath.

$40 ASOS white collarless dress coat
This one doesn't have any lapels, so it seems more like a dress and less like a coat, but those pockets and buttons and the waist tie are still strong reminders of the trench it was based on.

$118 ASOS pleated swing trench
This one has a looser shape and is more mod looking. Make sure you wear it with bare legs or thin stockings so the shape doesn't make you into a blob.

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