Monday, April 23, 2012

Chanel gold bar clutch: the ultimate status symbol

$2,090 Vintage Chanel gold bar clutch

How much more luxe and over the top can you get than carrying around a gold bar?
Well, how about if that gold bar was made by Chanel?
Now we're talking.

I really like the cheeky, knowing idea of this bag.
Yes, you are rich and you can afford a fancy bag.
Yes, you can carry a Chanel bag.
Yes, you want people to know that you are rich.
Yes, you probably have a lot of money to carry around with you.
So you buy this purse which just broadcasts all of those things to the world for you.

I think it's hilarious and awesome and wish I could have it.
It's teeny tiny so you can put your credit cards, a lipstick and maybe some cash in it. I doubt it would hold a phone.

Looks like it is sold out, which is too bad but probably a good thing for me and others who fall in love with it.


  1. Oh wow-- great find, Rebecca! I love hard clutches like this. There's a new line of vintage-inspired, acrylic clutches called Edie Parker that I'm obsessed with.


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