Thursday, April 19, 2012

Etsy Finds of the Day: Art Deco Girl Paintings from matouenpeluche

Matou en Peluche means "plush tomcat" in French. It is also the name of an Australian illustrator and print maker Samatha Battersby.

Here are some pretty prints from her etsy store:

$6.50 Poppy III
4"x6" print
I wish these were bigger! Maybe you could make a hanging arrangement with a few of them.

$6.50 Jools
4"x6" print
Great sleeve print and necklace on this one

 $6.50 Paula
4"x6" print
The androgynous sophisticate

 $6.50 Poppy at the ball
4"x6" print
She is supposed to be dressed as Cleopatra in this one
$6.50 Charlotte
4"x6" print
The dancer

$17 Pandora
8.3"x11.7" print
Finally a big one!
She will stare right through you

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