Friday, April 6, 2012

Mark your calendars for this jewelry auction April 22

There's a fun auction coming up and many of the lots are affordable(ish) and sparkly.
I think that this auction house doesn't have reserves, so that means you can bid super low and if no one notices the thing you want, you can have it for cheap!

Of course, I am totally going to blow that strategy now by showing you all the things I like.
Don't outbid me, bitches.

Amethyst, gold, diamond Tiffany watch      
estimate $600-800

Look at the great color of those amethysts! I like the crown effect that the diamond bands have above and below the watch face.
Four large diamond and pearl gold rings
estimate $500-700

These are all in big sizes, so if you have large hands, go for it. I think even one of these awesome rings (especially the bee with an opal for its body) would be worth the estimated price.

Akoya pearl necklace and 8 gold rings
estimate $800-1200

I love the bypass ring with the diamond clusters and the thin band at the top of this picture (click the links to go see it bigger on the auction site.  
Akoya pearls are cultured pearls that are started with a bead and then coated by an akoya oyster with a few layers of nacre.

Platinum ring set, one with diamonds
estimate $500-700

I like how thin these are. They are small but not simple. The one on the right reminds me of a great silver ring with a floral design that my sister got me a million years ago.

Art Deco diamond and sapphire ring
estimate $500-700

This elongated diamond shape that is popular in Art Deco stuff is called a navette.
Isn't it cool that you can get such a big sparkly real ring for under $1000? It's the size of the individual diamonds that matters more in price than the total carat weight.

Art deco diamond and sapphire bracelet
estimate $600-800

And here's a navette bracelet to go with that ring above.
Wearing a set like that would make you invincible.

Gold and platinum ring and brooch lot
estimate $300-500

This comes with 3 diamond rings, a ruby and sapphire ring, and this shell cameo brooch.
That is pretty damn good for this estimated price!

Parisian leather bags
estimate $300-500

I love the clean boxy shape of these bags and the minimal hardware. So many bags for the price of one really nice bag!

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