Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Harvest your own pearl for this necklace

$19.99 Unopened pearl oyster and necklace setting

This set comes with an oyster that has been impregnated with a seed starter which makes it form a pearl over the span of a few years. Basically you put something in the oyster that irritates it, and it forms smooth layers over it so that it stops itching.
A pearl is kind of like an oyster's version of a pimple.

Anyway, you get an oyster that contains a pearl and a metal necklace setting which is silver-plated.
Then you get to open the oyster and put your pearl in a necklace.
I would have loved this as a kid.
It reminds me of those "break your own geode" kits which were awesome.

This would make an awesome gift for a like-minded kid.

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