Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Novel Uses for Maxi Pads

I was reading this lovely article about how to avoid sweat stained pits, (apparently use Oxi Clean to get out the yellow) and wanted to alert everyone to some awesome ideas from the comments section.

Apparently, pantyliners and maxi pads can be used for more than just menstruation.

1. Cut in half and stick each side into a blouse for cheap disposable dress shields (so you don't sweat through)

2.  Put them in your shoes instead of insoles to absorb foot sweat and odor

When I was about 3, I apparently thought maxi pads were the biggest puffiest best stickers in the world, and when my mom came home one day, I had peeled the backings off of a whole package and stuck them on all the walls. At toddler height, of course, so the culprit was pretty obvious.
I don't think they are stickers anymore, but I still think that it was a pretty awesome decorating move.

Etsy Find of the Day: Herman Miller Zenith chair

This is apparently from the first production of this line, from 1950. The fiberglass shell is elephant gray, which is an elegant color that goes with everything.

I like the juxtaposition of the wooden legs and geometric bottom with the high tech curvy top.

Here is the description from the seller:

:: Amazing and rare first production 1950 Zenith Herman Miller chair often called a "PAW chair" with its swivel dowel base made of birch wood, with the fiberglass shell color being in the much sought after + highly collectible color of elephant hide grey. This chair, in very nice 60 year vintage condition, is an absolutely stunning piece of mid century furniture history and it is just so darn beautiful!

:: We believe this chair to be all original with all original parts -- the awesome dowel base reads "Seng Chicago" on the metal portion, fiberglass shell in excellent condition with no cracks and shows off its exquisite rope edge nicely as well as the swirls of the fiberglass that showcase the beginning days of the company's experimentation, and the Zenith checkerboard sticker fully intact on the bottom of the chair.

:: Conditional notes: the swivel base is a bit squeaky + has some cosmetic rust on the metal portion but does properly swivel and function. Proper and careful oiling will likely fully alleviate this. The light and beautiful birch wood dowel base does show age with some markings which as you can see in the photos, does seem to add in a good way to the chair's awesome vintage look. Fiberglass is beautifully fibrous and there are no issues with the color or anything, very beautiful condition, appears very lightly used.

:: Measurements: seat width is 18", arm to arm is 25", each birch leg measures 16" long, height from the floor to chair bottom is 17" + floor to the very top of the chair measures approx. 31.5".

Brooklyn street map quilt

$350 (Pre-order price) Brooklyn street map quilt

These are white quilts of city maps, and the stitches are done to match the street patterns.
Brooklyn is available for pre-order, and they already do Boston, Chicago, Paris, London, NYC, SF, DC, LA, and the Great Lakes.

Check out Boston ($450)
Cool, right?

I guess if you were really motivated and detail-oriented, you could also DIY one of these.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sixcolors pen

$5 Six color pen (set of 2)

This one is for my Mefite friends.
Doesn't it make you all nostalgic?

"A veritable rainbow of color in just one pen! Depending on your mood or need, just keep clicking and you can write in: red, green, blue, orange, purple, and black. The active ballpoint pen's ink cartridge retracts when you switch to a new color. The transparent barrel reveals how it works its magic. The 6 Color Pen measures 5 1/2 inches L; diameter is approximately 1 inch. Packaging measures 9 L x 2 1/4 inches. Sold as a set of 2."

My (Very Late) May Birchbox Review

I've been slacking on these, huh?

Here was my May box:

This was the Gossip Girl box, sent to coincide with the finale.
Let's go clockwise!

In the upper left corner there is BeautyBlender brush cleaning solution.
I was happy to get this since my brushes are for sure dirty, but honestly I haven't used it yet. So by now they are probably really dirty!
You can use baby shampoo to clean your brushes instead of spending $18 on this. I don't have any of that though, so whatever I'd get if I got something special for the purpose would be a new product to buy.
Not sure if I'd buy this even if it works really well.

Arquiste perfume sample: I really like this one. It's a little musky and very sweet with some floral notes on top. It is a sexy and rich scent.
WHOA it's $165. That is a whole lot of money. Just saw that. Looks like I have expensive fragrance taste!

Algenist anti-aging moisturizer: This was really creamy and rich. Went on thick but I liked it a lot. I'm not sure if it did any anti-aging magic on me, but it felt nice to put on and didn't make me break out so I'm a fan. ($90)

Stila lip glaze: ($22) This is not my color at all, so I haven't used it. The one I got is a bronze-y red with metallic flecks in it.
I definitely don't do glitter on lips, no matter how subtle. It's a personal thing, but I think it's tacky and very young-seeming. Plus this one is orange based, which wouldn't work on me.
I'm going to try to give this to my sister or a friend who it would look better on.

Want to join Birchbox?
Please use my link!

Update on "No Buy July"

This year I went into July knowing that I'd still have to spend money on some things, like E's birthday present.
So I was kind of half-hearted about it, especially since I saw my June credit card statement and I did a really good job of not shopping in June.

Anyway, it's been an ok July but I have not altogether succeeded in the "no buy."

My rule is that I can't buy any things. Groceries, rent, dinner out with friends don't count.
Even with my lax rule, I still broke it. Oh well.

Here is what I bought and why I am justifying it to myself.

1. Concert tickets to Bon Iver for E's birthday ($$$)- it's a present!
2. Those foldable rain boots ($37 with shipping)- I have been wanting rain boots for a while and thought these were cool. I still haven't gotten them though. This reminds me that I should contact the company!
3. Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect SPF 15 moisturizer ($15)- I needed a day lotion with SPF, and had read it was proven to work. Saw it on sale at the Target on Avenue H and got it since it was a good deal.
4. Snap and seal glass bowl ($8) and purse hanger ($6) from the Container Store - Had to replace a bowl and these were on sale. Purse hanger was something I have been thinking about and just grabbed as an impulse buy. I haven't hung it yet.
5. Gel manicure kit ($51 with shipping)- this was a 1/2 off deal online and I've been wanting to try these. The kit comes with a UV light and 6 polishes and remover, so it seemed like a good deal. Even just the UV light online can cost $25-$40 or more. I'd gotten some news worth celebrating and wanted to buy myself a present the same day this deal was going on.

6. Bowl that matches my vintage Pyrex pattern ($10)- this weekend up in MA, I went to an antiques store that had the one size of bowl missing from my set, so I wanted to get it and complete the set. It's yellow with green flowers, fyi.

Total: $127 (plus tickets)

That is more than I thought it would be, honestly!
Even in a month where I feel like I really didn't buy a lot, I spend well over $100. Damn!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cheap striped maxi dress

$21 Striped maxi dress (was $35)

This dress has khaki and black stripes and a flattering wide v neck.
I bet it is boobylicious.
It's also good because the straps are thick and wide enough to cover bra straps, which is good if you are doing something a little more formal than the park or beach.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal

$36 Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal

This product has really piqued my interest.
Lots of people review it positively and it's offered by Birchbox though I haven't gotten it in any of my boxes yet.

The idea is that you put on this concealer and it also zaps your blemishes and doesn't make you too dry. It's not a new idea; I feel like Revlon, Clinique, and plenty of others have something like this, but I'm intrigued by the reviews.

It comes in light, light/medium, and medium, so I think darker skinned ladies who don't match the medium are out of luck unfortunately.

Want to join Birchbox? Use this link

Some reviews from Amazon, beauty blogs, and other places:

FINALLY! I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars looking for the right concealer, including trying airbrushing and stage make-up. That is how extreme my dark circles are under my eyes. The texture is so soft and light but the coverage is extreme so I will say this, if you don't get the right shade (sorry-no way for you to pick online) in this product, or if you apply too much you will hate the results. That said, it is truly worth it to go into the store and try it at the counter. I was hesitant to try any item with silicone in it as experience has taught me that it just 'pills' around my eyes after an hour or so, or if you try to put powder on top of it. I just can not say enough about how wonderful this concealer is--but buy this in person, I don't think you'll regret it at all.
 I wasn't expecting much, but WOW. I live in the desert so I need moisture, plus my inner eye area can be purple. My usual under eye routine is Shiseido eye cream, concealer, some sort of eye brightener (maybe 2), and then more Shiseido eye cream. But now, his ONE product is all I need. It is very creamy and smooth, and a little bit goes a long way. Best of all, the dark purple areas on the inner corners of my eyes are gone!
Received a sample of this (light-medium) in the most recent Birchbox, and am extremely impressed. I have some red spots due to acne scarring from a recent breakout, and this stuff hides them 100% and blends well with my skin tone. I use Jane Iredale mineral powder (warm sienna) over it and it works very well.
This works so well that I can just put some on any uneven bits of my face and call it good in a pinch! I just purchased the full-size tube. A little goes a long way, too. 
This concealer looks thick even when you apply it and then when you smooth it out, it covers really well and naturally. It does exactly what it says it will do. And I have tried alot of concealers, Makeup Forever-pretty good but not as good as this, MAC, Bobby Brown, Cover girl, Benefit. This works the best of all of them. Almost want to use it as makeup.
Seriously, this stuff is no joke. I received a sample of it a while back and oh my god. It is so soft and smooth going on. Really concentrated so you only need the tiniest bit. It covers completely without being thick or cakey. I've never used a concealer that really hid my purple under eye circles, but this really does it. My only regret is not finding it sooner. Well worth the money. 
I had used it a few times in the past, so I knew it had major coverage capabilities, but how major, I could not have dreamed of. A few dabs on all affected areas, a light tapping under my eyes (because pain has a way of making it look like you just got the sh*t beaten out of you, and nothing shows exhaustion like dark circles) and it was almost as though the zits were gone. The redness was immediately covered, the dark circles disappeared and the pimples, while still raised, looked more like a skin mole or bump as opposed to full scale acne.  The formula has a very unique consistency – it’s a cream concealer but, once applied, it feels like a silky powder. The kicker is that this stuff doesn’t apply cakey or make skin look over dry, but rather very smooth with an airbrushed look – and it lasts a good portion of the day (seriously!). 

Of course not all the reviews are positive- some say that it does crease or doesn't blend well.
Overall though, it makes me want to try this.

Anyone out there have this?

Glass tupperware for $20

Microwaving in plastic? You should probably stop that.
Studies seem to conflict and I'm not really sure whether it's truly bad for you or not, but why not switch to glass to be safe?

Especially when you can get a set for under $20.
This is very tempting and I am going to have to bargain with E to see if he will let me swap out some of our plastic containers and buy these. They take up more room, and are more expensive, but they are hopefully longer lasting and better for us and the environment.

$19.99 Glasslock Snapware set

Free shipping! woo!

Anyway, this comes with:
(1) Sm Rectangle 1.6 Cup, (2) Med Rectangle 3.5 Cup, (1) Lg Rectangle 6.3 Cup, (1) Sm Square 1.5 Cup, (1) Med Square 3.3 Cup, (1) Mini Round 0.73 Cup, (1) Sm Round 1.6 Cup, (1) Med Round 3.1 Cup

  • Dishwasher Safe: Plastic lids should be on top rack only. Glass base may be placed on bottom rack. Avoid abrasive cleaners and scrub pads when hand washing.
  • Microwave Safe: Always loosen latches and remove lid. Cover glass base with paper towel to prevent splatters.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes. Do not add cold food or liquid to a hot container or hot liquid to a cold container. Never place a hot container on cold or wet surfaces. Make sure to use a trivet or hot pad to avoid extreme temperature changes. Oven Must be Preheated Before Inserting Glassware

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Perfume that smells like books

$98 Paper Passion perfume

Wallpaper magazine collaborated with Gerhart Steidl and Geza Shoen to make a perfume that smells like books. And comes in a book.
Totally cute and geeky!
I have a lot of friends who would love this.

“The smell of a freshly printed book is the best smell in the world.” Karl Lagerfeld

Hidden inside the pages of a book, Paper Passion is accompanied by texts from Karl Lagerfeld, G√ľnter Grass, Geza Schoen and Tony Chambers.

“You have a book, you open it, there’s a bottle inside and it smells of a book. It might be quirky, but the idea has a simplicity, a linearity.” Geza Schoen

Etsy Find of the Day: Pet Ash Pendant

How much do you love your little Fluffy?
Do you love him to death?
Do you love him AFTER death?
Do you love him enough after death to wear him around every day?

I thought so.
Here, for you then, is the pet ash memorial pendant.
After you cremate your best friend/furry child, you send some ash to this chick and she melts hot glass around it I think, and then sends it back to you so you can wear it.
Also, you can have it in a color. Didn't Fluffy always seem like he wanted to go red?
Now's his shot.

$60 Tiny treasures pet ash memorial pendant

While I do poke fun at these, they are not a terrible way to remember a pet. Much better than an urn that you have to schlep from one apartment to the next and hope doesn't spill or get knocked over at an inconvenient time, like during a dance party.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3 Nice boots at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom is having its anniversary sale now and I saw 3 pair of boots that someone should definitely buy me.
Or yourself, if you are selfish.
These aren't the cheapest, but they are good brands and should last a while.
All of these can be worn to work or for fun.
The anniversary sale goes to Aug 6.

These remind me of the Loeffler Randall Matildes that I love so much, but at a much better price.
I like the gray and the black colors too.
$299 Stuart Weitzman Gatherup Boot (normally $480)
These are such great ankle boots. They have a sleek form and don't cut off right at the ankle so your leg won't look like a lollipop. The buckle cinches in at the ankle to give you shape.

$239.90 Frye Melissa Trapunto boot (usually $358)
Frye boots are supposed to be the gold standard in durability.
My sister (lucky) has 2 pairs and she loves them.
I like the rugged look of these and the top that can be folded over if you want.

Bird print Peter Pan collar top

$17.95 Bird blouse

Stopped into H&M earlier and was immediately drawn to this cute top.
It's a little bit sheer but would look fine with a nude bra or a camisole underneath.

The black peter pan collar contrasts nicely with the cream background of the shirt, and the birds are the right scale; not too big or too small.

Plus, you know how I feel about clothes with animals on them!

Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY low-back bra

This DIY post from Tights and Tea shows you how to create a removeable strap that lets you turn your regular bra into a low-back one.
Great idea and really useful.

Word to the Wise: Jack Rogers sample sale this week

Jack Rogers_bahamas_navajo_jelly

Next week, Jack Rogers (the original maker of the popular leather Navajo sandals) is hosting a summer sale in the Upper East Side. Get deals of up to 80% off select clothing, footwear, bags, including vintage styles.  Think iconic “Hamptons” thong sandals made famous by Jackie O.
Where/When:  1198 Madison Avenue (at 87th St). July 26-Aug 5th; Mon-Thurs (10-7p), Fri-Sat (10-6p), sun (Noon-5p). (via)

You might have to fight off a horde of bleached blonde yoga moms to get at the shoes at this UES sale, but if you want the shoes at a reasonable price, go for it.
The thongs above usually retail for $100ish, so the 80% off makes them a more reasonable amount to spend on flip flops. 

Personally I hate the look of these shoes and the oversized stitching and the clear "look, I wear flip flops but they are designer" message of them. But people say they are really comfortable so whatev.

Friday, July 20, 2012

ThermaCheck travel throw

Land's End is always having sales, it seems.
And always emailing me about them, which gets a little annoying, but then I see things like this throw and I realize I should stay on the list.

$9.99 ThermaCheck Travel Throw (was $29)

This is a throw blanket that folds up into a case and becomes a travel pillow.
For an extra $6 you can get it monogrammed, which is a pretty good deal.
It would make a great birthday, college, or going-away present.

You can get it in blue/cream, green/blue, or khaki/orange. I like the blue the best.

Etsy Find of the Day: White YSL pumps

The snakeskin on the pointy toe and heel make these so modern looking.
I like the black piping and dots, too.

White shoes can sometimes look nurse-y but I think these avoid it because of the cream tone of the snake skin and also the black details.
The narrow profile and heel help too. It's almost a stiletto but not quite; it's a little more stable.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Target markdown schedule

If Target isn't cheap enough, and you really like clearance stuff, here's a schedule of when things are marked down:

Target Stores Sale MarkDown Schedule:

  •  MONDAY: Kids’ Clothing, Stationery (office supplies, gift wrap), Electronics
  •  TUESDAY: Women’s Clothing and Domestics
  •  WEDNESDAY: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty
  • THURSDAY: Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares.
  • FRIDAY: Cosmetics
ALSO, another great tip when it comes to shopping Target Stores, If the price ends in 8, it will be marked down again. If it ends in a 4, it’s the lowest it will be.

Etsy Find of the Day: Magic wand

Let's say you have a couple hundred bucks and nothing special to do with them.
Also, you live in a basement, possibly belonging to your parents.
Plus, you have a very vivid imagination but no, as they call them, "real" friends.
But! You believe in magic, and you have that cash.

What do you do?
Well, first you buy this magic wand:

 $130 Abundance Prosperity magic wand

Then you cast a spell for an ABUNDANCE of friends and a job that will lead you to PROSPERITY.
Then you start living in the adult world and somehow lose the wand because you have a life a better things to do.
Money well spent!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Etsy Find of the Day: Leather doctor bag

Very vintagey and cute.
It's a good work bag to bring your lunch and a magazine in, and has plenty of room on the inside.
This would look great with some old jeans.

width 12 1/2"
height 10"
depth 4"
strap drop 7"

Check out the large interior:

Would you buy a department store dress as a wedding dress?

Most of my friends who have gotten married have gone to bridal stores or special designers who deal only with wedding dresses to get their gowns.

I was just browsing through Saks dresses, and I saw a bunch that I think look like they could be wedding dresses. Most of them are under $1,000 which seems to be not a lot, if Say Yes to the Dress is an accurate measure of what people pay for these things (yeah, I know it's not).

Anyway, here are some pretty Saks dresses that I think you should wear as a wedding gown (No, I'm not engaged or looking for my own dress):

$450 Phoebe Couture by Kay Unger pleasted gown
This one has pretty pleats in a V shape down the bodice. It's all silk and has delicate straps.

$695 Theia Beaded silk chiffon gown
Strapless and lots of gathered fabric with a stretch corset in there.
The embellished waistline draws the material in and highlights your figure.

$1,100 Notte by Marchesa Asymmetric gown
This one looks simple at first but there is a lot going on with the different layers and pieces overlapping.

$66 Theory Imishra draped silk dress (was $219)
Maybe for a casual reception?
I just like this dress and it is on super sale.
Maybe I should buy it or you should buy it for me and I'll dye it another, more wearable color.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Etsy Find of the Day: Leather satchel camera bag

$156.50 Serengeti 14" leather camera bag

Carrying your camera in a non-giant, black, bulky bag is getting easier and easier to do.
I like the look of this bag. It's a unisex satchel style with square lines and snaps.
The leather is good quality: it's full-grain.

It has padded pockets and an ipad sleeve, too.

Let's take a look at the inside:

Daffy's is going out of business

Too bad. I liked Daffy's!
All the stores will close this year, including the 8 in Manhattan.
Sales should start really soon, they already hired a liquidator.

 I liked this ad of theirs

There is one just west of Union Square that I used to pass on my commute daily, but recently when I've been stopping in, I just haven't been finding anything worthwhile.

However, some of my favorite flip flops ever came from Daffy's. I wore them out and tried to buy more but could never find them again. They were gold thongs and really light with just a small 3/4 wedge.

I'll check out their liquidation sales. I regret not going to the Filene's Basement ones in NYC.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Judging a person by their shoes--works.

Check out this article about shoe personalities:
"Researchers at the University of Kansas found that people were able to correctly judge a stranger's age, gender, income, political affiliation, emotional and other important personality traits just by looking at the person's shoes."
Apparently you can tell whether someone is liberal or conservative and someone's emotional stability pretty reliably by judging their shoes.
Read the real study.

This was news to me:
"Practical and functional shoes generally belong to agreeable people, ankle boots fit with more aggressive personalities and uncomfortable looking shoes were worn by calm personalities."
Apparently people with boring shoes cannot form lasting relationships.

 Probably an unstable individual who is insecure
Also probably has dirty toes. WTF is up with these?

What shoes are you wearing and what do they say about you?

I'm wearing relatively new black wedges with a closed round toe and ankle strap and some cutouts. I think this means I am totally awesome.

Word to the Wise: Sample Sales this week

Misha Nonoo
The line is described as being subdued, elegant with a touch of quirk. Evening dresses and leather jackets are $150, jackets $75, pants $65, dresses $55, skirts $45, tops $35 and Nonoo “Lyons” items are $50.  
Where/When:  611 Broadway, Suite 730, 7th Floor. Tuesday, July 17 (9-6p).

Deepa Gurnani headband
Deepa Gurnani
Accessories (bags, scarves, jewelry, hair accessories and more) at the label’s sample sale.   
Where/When:  35 W. 25th St, Suite 1003.  July 18-19; Daily (10-7p).

eM Productions
Annual summer sample sale features the following labels:  ACE & JIG, IRO, Something Else, Wren and more.   
Where/When:  636 Broadway, Suite 720 (@ Bleecker). July 18-20. Daily (10-7p).

Ella Moss, Splendid
Deeply discounted merchandise from the spring and summer collections, including basics for women, men, kids, and babies
When/Where: Tuesday, July 17 through Wednesday, July 18. Daily 9am—6pm. 260 W. 39th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves, 12th floor (no phone)
Barbara Bui 
70% off the spring/summer 2012 collection
When/Where: Tuesday, July 17 through Wednesday, July 18. 115 Wooster St between Prince and Spring Sts (212) 625-1938

Ernest Alexander 
40% to 70% off men's shirts, bags and small accessories
When/Where: Thursday, July 19 through Friday, July 20. Daily 10am—6pm. 34 W. 28th St between Sixth Ave and Broadway, sixth floor (no phone)

 (Pictures are of things I like, not necessarily things that will be at these sales)
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