Monday, July 30, 2012

Update on "No Buy July"

This year I went into July knowing that I'd still have to spend money on some things, like E's birthday present.
So I was kind of half-hearted about it, especially since I saw my June credit card statement and I did a really good job of not shopping in June.

Anyway, it's been an ok July but I have not altogether succeeded in the "no buy."

My rule is that I can't buy any things. Groceries, rent, dinner out with friends don't count.
Even with my lax rule, I still broke it. Oh well.

Here is what I bought and why I am justifying it to myself.

1. Concert tickets to Bon Iver for E's birthday ($$$)- it's a present!
2. Those foldable rain boots ($37 with shipping)- I have been wanting rain boots for a while and thought these were cool. I still haven't gotten them though. This reminds me that I should contact the company!
3. Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect SPF 15 moisturizer ($15)- I needed a day lotion with SPF, and had read it was proven to work. Saw it on sale at the Target on Avenue H and got it since it was a good deal.
4. Snap and seal glass bowl ($8) and purse hanger ($6) from the Container Store - Had to replace a bowl and these were on sale. Purse hanger was something I have been thinking about and just grabbed as an impulse buy. I haven't hung it yet.
5. Gel manicure kit ($51 with shipping)- this was a 1/2 off deal online and I've been wanting to try these. The kit comes with a UV light and 6 polishes and remover, so it seemed like a good deal. Even just the UV light online can cost $25-$40 or more. I'd gotten some news worth celebrating and wanted to buy myself a present the same day this deal was going on.

6. Bowl that matches my vintage Pyrex pattern ($10)- this weekend up in MA, I went to an antiques store that had the one size of bowl missing from my set, so I wanted to get it and complete the set. It's yellow with green flowers, fyi.

Total: $127 (plus tickets)

That is more than I thought it would be, honestly!
Even in a month where I feel like I really didn't buy a lot, I spend well over $100. Damn!

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