Monday, July 2, 2012

Elastic strap shoes on sale at ASOS

$39.77 Oasis Strappy Sandal Mini Wedge (was $59)

These shoes look like they could really take you through the summer and be your go-to pick.
The height of the wedge is love but still makes your leg look a little better.
The insole is made of leather, which is good because it gets less slippery when it's sweaty than plastic, and doesn't get as stinky as cloth.
I hate when sandals start to smell.

The only thing to be cautious of here is that if the elastic is too stretchy, it might not hold your foot in well enough and you could roll off the wedge and hurt your ankle (I have a lot of experience with this).
Otherwise, elastic should be very comfortable and allow for your weirdly shaped toes and bunions and whatever other gross things you have going on with your feet.
And it doesn't dig in or give you blisters.

I have so many shoes that it is really hard to justify buying more, but I might try to pare down my collection for my clothing swap (next weekend!) and then maybe allow myself to get these.

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