Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review of Tom Ford nail polish in Carnal Red

I bought this nail polish as an experiment in high-end polishes, to see if they are really better than the drugstore stuff or Essie, OPI, or Zoya.

Long story short: Not worth it, stick with the $8 stuff.

Read on if you want to know more!

The polish is a real red red. It's what I call McDonald's red, or what other people might call Sports Car red.
It's not orange-y, purple-y, or pink-y.

I was able to get full coverage and bottle color in 2 coats.
The applicator brush was uncomfortable and hard to use because of the square top. It's a little too big for my hands and the pointy edges were not fun.
The brush itself was fine, but the squat cube on the end really shortened the feel of the brush and made it hard to see over to what you were doing on your nail.

When I wore it to a barbecue, I got a bunch of compliments on it, which was nice.
I noticed that after 2 days I had some tip and edge chips, and I was disappointed about that. I was hoping it would last longer than things 1/4 the price, but no.

However, I will say that after the initial chips, I didn't seem to get any more, and the polish didn't flake off or start curling up at the edges. 
I was able to stay in a slightly-flawed polish state for about a week with no further damage, and it looked pretty good.

I guess if you can deal with a few flaws, this could be a long lasting polish for you. It sounds funny to say how good it looked for a while after it started looking bad, but it was unusual and stood out as different from the other polishes I've tried.

I'll continue to use this polish whenever I want a bold red, but I don't think I'll be buying it again, or expanding my color selection in the Tom Ford brand.

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