Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal

$36 Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal

This product has really piqued my interest.
Lots of people review it positively and it's offered by Birchbox though I haven't gotten it in any of my boxes yet.

The idea is that you put on this concealer and it also zaps your blemishes and doesn't make you too dry. It's not a new idea; I feel like Revlon, Clinique, and plenty of others have something like this, but I'm intrigued by the reviews.

It comes in light, light/medium, and medium, so I think darker skinned ladies who don't match the medium are out of luck unfortunately.

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Some reviews from Amazon, beauty blogs, and other places:

FINALLY! I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars looking for the right concealer, including trying airbrushing and stage make-up. That is how extreme my dark circles are under my eyes. The texture is so soft and light but the coverage is extreme so I will say this, if you don't get the right shade (sorry-no way for you to pick online) in this product, or if you apply too much you will hate the results. That said, it is truly worth it to go into the store and try it at the counter. I was hesitant to try any item with silicone in it as experience has taught me that it just 'pills' around my eyes after an hour or so, or if you try to put powder on top of it. I just can not say enough about how wonderful this concealer is--but buy this in person, I don't think you'll regret it at all.
 I wasn't expecting much, but WOW. I live in the desert so I need moisture, plus my inner eye area can be purple. My usual under eye routine is Shiseido eye cream, concealer, some sort of eye brightener (maybe 2), and then more Shiseido eye cream. But now, his ONE product is all I need. It is very creamy and smooth, and a little bit goes a long way. Best of all, the dark purple areas on the inner corners of my eyes are gone!
Received a sample of this (light-medium) in the most recent Birchbox, and am extremely impressed. I have some red spots due to acne scarring from a recent breakout, and this stuff hides them 100% and blends well with my skin tone. I use Jane Iredale mineral powder (warm sienna) over it and it works very well.
This works so well that I can just put some on any uneven bits of my face and call it good in a pinch! I just purchased the full-size tube. A little goes a long way, too. 
This concealer looks thick even when you apply it and then when you smooth it out, it covers really well and naturally. It does exactly what it says it will do. And I have tried alot of concealers, Makeup Forever-pretty good but not as good as this, MAC, Bobby Brown, Cover girl, Benefit. This works the best of all of them. Almost want to use it as makeup.
Seriously, this stuff is no joke. I received a sample of it a while back and oh my god. It is so soft and smooth going on. Really concentrated so you only need the tiniest bit. It covers completely without being thick or cakey. I've never used a concealer that really hid my purple under eye circles, but this really does it. My only regret is not finding it sooner. Well worth the money. 
I had used it a few times in the past, so I knew it had major coverage capabilities, but how major, I could not have dreamed of. A few dabs on all affected areas, a light tapping under my eyes (because pain has a way of making it look like you just got the sh*t beaten out of you, and nothing shows exhaustion like dark circles) and it was almost as though the zits were gone. The redness was immediately covered, the dark circles disappeared and the pimples, while still raised, looked more like a skin mole or bump as opposed to full scale acne.  The formula has a very unique consistency – it’s a cream concealer but, once applied, it feels like a silky powder. The kicker is that this stuff doesn’t apply cakey or make skin look over dry, but rather very smooth with an airbrushed look – and it lasts a good portion of the day (seriously!). 

Of course not all the reviews are positive- some say that it does crease or doesn't blend well.
Overall though, it makes me want to try this.

Anyone out there have this?

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