Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Would you buy a department store dress as a wedding dress?

Most of my friends who have gotten married have gone to bridal stores or special designers who deal only with wedding dresses to get their gowns.

I was just browsing through Saks dresses, and I saw a bunch that I think look like they could be wedding dresses. Most of them are under $1,000 which seems to be not a lot, if Say Yes to the Dress is an accurate measure of what people pay for these things (yeah, I know it's not).

Anyway, here are some pretty Saks dresses that I think you should wear as a wedding gown (No, I'm not engaged or looking for my own dress):

$450 Phoebe Couture by Kay Unger pleasted gown
This one has pretty pleats in a V shape down the bodice. It's all silk and has delicate straps.

$695 Theia Beaded silk chiffon gown
Strapless and lots of gathered fabric with a stretch corset in there.
The embellished waistline draws the material in and highlights your figure.

$1,100 Notte by Marchesa Asymmetric gown
This one looks simple at first but there is a lot going on with the different layers and pieces overlapping.

$66 Theory Imishra draped silk dress (was $219)
Maybe for a casual reception?
I just like this dress and it is on super sale.
Maybe I should buy it or you should buy it for me and I'll dye it another, more wearable color.

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