Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Novel Uses for Maxi Pads

I was reading this lovely article about how to avoid sweat stained pits, (apparently use Oxi Clean to get out the yellow) and wanted to alert everyone to some awesome ideas from the comments section.

Apparently, pantyliners and maxi pads can be used for more than just menstruation.

1. Cut in half and stick each side into a blouse for cheap disposable dress shields (so you don't sweat through)

2.  Put them in your shoes instead of insoles to absorb foot sweat and odor

When I was about 3, I apparently thought maxi pads were the biggest puffiest best stickers in the world, and when my mom came home one day, I had peeled the backings off of a whole package and stuck them on all the walls. At toddler height, of course, so the culprit was pretty obvious.
I don't think they are stickers anymore, but I still think that it was a pretty awesome decorating move.

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