Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Etsy Find of the Day: Pet Ash Pendant

How much do you love your little Fluffy?
Do you love him to death?
Do you love him AFTER death?
Do you love him enough after death to wear him around every day?

I thought so.
Here, for you then, is the pet ash memorial pendant.
After you cremate your best friend/furry child, you send some ash to this chick and she melts hot glass around it I think, and then sends it back to you so you can wear it.
Also, you can have it in a color. Didn't Fluffy always seem like he wanted to go red?
Now's his shot.

$60 Tiny treasures pet ash memorial pendant

While I do poke fun at these, they are not a terrible way to remember a pet. Much better than an urn that you have to schlep from one apartment to the next and hope doesn't spill or get knocked over at an inconvenient time, like during a dance party.

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