Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to make these new Old Navy clothes look fancier

I guess I should be over it by now, but I am always surprised when I see cute things in Old Navy that I want to wear.

I stopped in today and the new Spring stuff was fun and bright.
Some of it could look much more expensive than it is with a few tweaks:

$32.94 Cause cord-yoke dress
This little cotton sundress with detailed top weaving is great for a day outside.
The only thing that I think makes it look down-market is the elasticized waist. Hide it with a leather eyelet belt or a men's tie wrapped around your waist and then it will look much nicer.

$32.45 Feather print drawstring dress
Same deal with this rayon print dress--cover up that drawstring with a wide colorful belt, and the dress becomes much more interesting.

$12.94 Striped wedge sandals
These look great in person- the strap is a mix of lime and lemon, and the blue and white looks really on-trend with the nautical theme. The rhinestone circle in the middle of the toe is what is bringing these shoes down, but it's only attached by 2 little threads. Cut those, lose the cheap bling, and yacht it up.

$19.94 Lace-front espadrille flats
These are good as-is.
Only get the black and white stripe though--the red stripe is thicker and looks tacky and the solid gray looks shoddy.

$25 Mixed pleated wedgesA great variety of textures in this shoe. The smooth toe, the jute heel cup, and the cork-look platform go together well.
I like these best in green butthey also come in tan, blue, and white.

$24.94 French terry henley hoodie
If you wore this over your bikini on the beach wearing a wide brim straw hat, oversized sunglasses, and delicate gold sandals, everyone would think you were a fancy socialite and not an Old Navy shopper.

$19.94 each Splash print bandeau bikini top and bottom
This is a totally cute bathing suit that you could wear all summer.
It has bright colors, an interesting wavy pattern that is a little Missoni-esque, and a flattering shape.
Wear it with strappy wedges and white sunglasses for a St Tropez by way of Miami look.

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