Friday, March 9, 2012

Be True to Your School

Rah rah sis boom bah, knowwhatImean?

There are some cute Spring items out that remind you that school was sometimes ok.

$19.80 Collegiate knit cardigan
Preppy in the best way. Clean and cute.

$12.99 93 Knit Tunic
This is a better take on a sports jersey. But what kills me is that F21 is known to choose numbers that would be significant to their audience, so 1993 might be when some of them were born (19 now). Gasp!

$13.99 University pullover hoodie
Again, 1989, when these kids were born. Which would make them 22 or 23 now.
What I love about this one is that it captures the sentiment of high school: I can't wait to go to college! Which one? Who cares! Yay University!!! All of them!
Non-specific enthusiasm. Like Mitt Romney has for cars.

$68 Bonobos Handover navy rugby shirt
A twist on a classic, but still normal enough to wear anywhere.

$78 Bass Buchanon shoe
A classic saddle shoe for grown-ups, in navy and off-white.

$70 Marc Ecko Cut&Sew Crest hoodie
Another generic excitement garment

$70 Fred Perry Twin tipped slim fit polo
For when you want to class if up a little. (Get it? CLASS??)

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