Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time for sparkly new years outfits!

Yes, get out your sequins and glitter, it's that time again. (Last year part 1 and part 2)
What are you going to wear?
You better look like a goddamn disco ball if you are going to get any attention this year. Sequins aren't going out of style anytime soon it seems, so do it up big and try to draw some eyeballs away from other sequinned party goers.

Ella Sequin Dress
$78 Ella sequin dress
A nice wide but shallow v neck to show some skin but not too much cleavage, and long sleeves to hide arm flab (not than anyone here has the dreaded chicken wings).
Short as hell, but you can get tights if you want.

Confetti Sequin Dress  
$78 Confetti sequin dress
Lots of colors of sparkles on this one, and a trendy mesh top. Make sure you have a good strapless bra if you want this.

John Zack Zig Zag Sequin Bandeau Dress 
$59 John Zack zig sag sequin dress
Nice colorful tube dress with a bandeau top

$24 Silver and black strip bodycon dress
Wheeee! I like when sequins look like liquid.
This dress might be a little short in real life for us normals, so feel free to wear it as a top with black skinny jeans.

Lipsy Ballerina Dress With Sequin Bodice 
$114 Lipsy sequin top dress
I like the shape of this dress, it screams party!

$59 Low back sequin dress
The drapeyness of this one is elegant

Rare Sequin Knickershorts 
$15 High waisted sequin shorts
You have to be especially leggy to pull these off, but if you are, please do it! And wear them with a drapey button down blouse.

$16 Paillette tee
Large oversize sequins ftw, and not around your armpits where they can scratch you.

$23 Silver off the shoulder sequin top
A special occasion shirt to be sure, would also look good with a pencil skirt or with jeans.

ASOS PEEKABOO Sequin High Heels 
$28 ASOS sequin high heels
Wear these with a normal black dress or a fun color and stand out at night.

Johnny Loves Rosie Sequin Scalloped Collar 
$35 Sequin scalloped collar
This can go on top of any sort of dress or shirt to gussy it up and make it jazzy and festive.

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  1. Looooove the Forever 21 dress...but A, it's probably too small and B, I ain't going nowhere!


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