Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Target and Neiman Marcus collaboration

Target and Neiman Marcus have paired up to offer a bunch of gift items by high end designers that will sell in both stores for the same prices.
I've heard that the NM ones are sold out but that pieces are still available at Target because the prices are low for NM and high for Target.

If you want to buy them, try Target first.

Here are my picks, based on what I like and then also the reviews on Target's website. I liked some pieces that then got terrible reviews for not being made well, so I removed them.

Band of Outsiders Hats (Set of 2)  
$29.99 Band of Outsiders Best Friends hat set
Comes with 2 matching hats, which are apparently pretty big so not for my tiny noggin, but maybe for yours?

rag & bone Men's Sweater  
$69.99 Rag and Bone men's sweater
I got E a non-Target sweater similar to this one for Chanukah two years ago and he wears it all the time. It's really soft. This one looks like it would be equally awesome, though it's made of cotton and wool instead of wool and cashmere. That's probably where the price difference comes in.

Altuzarra Tray  
$79.99 Altuzarra tray
This is a lot of money for a random tray that you probably won't use that much, but when you do use it, it's going to be great. Really modern and elegant, and the reviews are over the top happy.
Just learned a lesson, too: it's Altuzarra, not Altazurra, like I'd thought.

Carolina Herrera Travel Bag  
$39.99 Carolina Herrara makeup bag set
Comes with 3 linked bags in different sizes and with cute prints featuring elephants and dogs.
These would be really good for packing.

Philip Crangi Trinket Box  
$69.99 Philip Crangi trinket box
This looks like a grenade, so I like it.
It has an unknown quality which makes me keep wanting to look at it. The bronze color would go with pretty much any room. It's small (3") but would make a great gift, maybe with something fun inside it like earrings or a little figurine.

Tracy Reese Dessert Plates - Set of 4  
$39.99 Tracy Reese Dessert plate set
These have gold edges that the internet can't seem to get enough of. The prints are pretty and the set would make a great hostess gift if you are going to a nice holiday dinner at someone's house.
Dessert plates are also great for when you want to cut down on the amount you are eating and use them as dinner plates instead.

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