Friday, December 21, 2012

Bosom Buddy Pillow

Women, there is a whole new product you need and if you don't get it, well, you're going to be horribly unattractive and no one will ever love you.

What is it?
Glad you asked.

It's a breast pillow.
A pillow that goes between your boobs.
Well, when you sleep, your boobs might smush together and then you get chest wrinkles and then you die alone. See?

Ok then, here is what it looks like:

$29.95 Bosom buddy pillow 
It's pink, which is how you know it was made of us women. Who can only buy things that are pink. Fact.

It's normally $39.95, but guys, they are having a customer appreciation sale because they appreciate you and your wrinkly gross cleavage.
We're so lucky!

Want to see it in action? Thought so:

Make sure you read that quote from Autumn in Michigan who is trying to remain youthful and unwrinkled by any means necessary.

The good news with this product is that they donate some proceeds to breast cancer and uninsured women, but they don't say how much.

If you want to really offend a family member this Christmas, this could be the perfect gift.
Older woman? Check.
Older man? Double check.

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