Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surfing the Target Clearance section

You never know what kinds of weird and good stuff you can find in Target's clearance section online.

My picks:
$14.98 Mossimo Vivian neon heels
Barbie shoes for grown ups!

$10.98 Mossimo V neck patterned maxi dress
I like the kimono shape of the dress and the chiffon fabric. I haven't seen the fabric in person though so it could feel weird. Worth a shot?

$12.48 Mossimo V neck jersey maxi dress
If the fabric of the other one puts you off, this soft jersey version comes in a ton of colors.

$7.48 Crochet collar top
This is a little peasant-y, but if you tie those strings in a crisp bow and pair with skinny jeans and ballet flats, it will look more nautical.

$6.98 Liz Lange knit top
I know this is a maternity shirt, but I think it is pretty and you could wear it not pregnant, too.

$12.98 Mossimo Black flutter top
I can fly higher than an eeeeeaaaaagle...
I like the pattern on this one, not the other colors though.

$11.18 Mossimo convertible dress
You can do all sorts of neck lines with this, by switching the position of the two long top flaps.

$149.98 Avington two seater sofa
I like this little love seat for a bench in an entry way or an accent in an office or at the end of a bed.

$89.97 Cherry storage bench
This looks like the bench is on a platform, but also it has become that platform. The shape is strange and I keep looking at it. I think I like it.

$90.98 Black serving cart with mirror
Where is the mirror? I don't get it.
Even without a mirror, this is a useful cart which could double as a bar.

Last but by no means least:
$17.98 Women's frog footies
Yes, that is a onesie for an adult. With a dissatisfied frog face on the hood.
I wonder why this didn't sell out at full price?!

1 comment:

  1. Frog footie hoodie = want want want. Although I had footie PJs from Target once; my size wasn't quite long enough for someone as tall as I (5'7").


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