Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The one thing that might make me enjoy owning 2 cats that I never wanted

$35 DJ cat scratch turntable

Who's a little dj? Who's a little dj? YOU ARE

As you can see, this brilliantly conceived cat toy has cardboard scratchy stuff in the shape of a record on top of a turntable emblazoned with anti-dog stickers.

The description:

DJ Whiskers

You may think that cats scratch in order to stretch their muscles and sharpen their claws. Wrong. When you think about it, isn't it obvious that within every feline lurks a wannabe DJ? Kitty is mad pumped to kick it behind the wheels of steel and throw down a dope set of old skool joints, yo!

The reviews and the response to the negative reviews are what really makes the product shine for me:
The scratching surface is not situated at an angle that appeals to cats, so they won't want to scratch it. If they try, it moves and they give up. We tried putting cat nip on top to get the cats interested but they just laid down next to it. . If you are looking for a scratching post to save your furniture or please your cat, save your money. If you want a funny item sitting on your livingroom floor, get this. It is funny, and it will last forever, since your cats won't touch it.
Merchant response: We're sorry your cats don't want to be DJs and we'll gladly help if you'd like to return or exchange it. Please call 1.888.365.0056 to speak with a member of our customer service team.

Are you one of those people who buys their pets holiday and birthday gifts? If so... Just a suggestion.

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