Monday, December 24, 2012

Spiky backpack

$56 Spikepak


This leather backpack has soft stuffed spikes all over it so you can show people what your evil personality looks like on the outside.

It has one interior pocket and one exterior tiny one.
I kinda wish it had another interior pocket and that it was padded for computers. This would be a great computer bag to have at the nerdy tech shows I've been going to.
I'd be the envy of all the Super Mario Brothers fans (i.e. everyone at the shows).

Here is the description from ThinkGeek:

King Koopa's Dirty Secret

The trick to taking out Bowser in 8-4 is to just hang back, jump over his first fireball, dodge his hammer throws, and fireball spam his spiky ass. Easiest boss battle ever. Truth is, he's not really as tough as he looks - that's not even a real spiked shell on his back. We know the secret, and the secret will blow your mind.
It is, in fact, a backpack. He's really just a big lizard with some reflux issues (hence the fireballs). He bought that backpack from ThinkGeek, and has been running around giving our favorite italian plumber a hard time ever since. Inside his Spikepack, he keeps a healthy supply of mushrooms, hammers, and a small number of Bob-ombs.
It's a good thing the backpack is big - he can carry quite a lot of things. If you were to somehow get a hold of his bag, you could easily cram a stack of schoolbooks, a giant laptop, all your power supplies, and still have room for your Nintendo DS and every cartridge you own... just in case you have time between classes to crank out a few levels.

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