Monday, December 10, 2012

Glass Tupperware

As I have written before, I'm am on the glass tupperware or glass food storage wagon.
Might as well use a non-porous material that has been around for centuries when in doubt.

That previous deal doesn't seem to be available anymore, but these are!

One thing that annoys me about all glass container sets is that they pretend you are getting more than you are by counting lids and containers as separate pieces. Do you really think I can't see that the 10 piece set is only 5 containers? That is bullshit.
I will tell you how many there really are.
$18 Set of 7 Pyrex containers with lids
This is an awesome deal, and pyrex can go from the fridge to the oven (though I'd prob let it warm to room temp before doing that to avoid shocking the glass)

$17.98 Set of 5 Pyrex containers with lids
Same price but 2 fewer than the set above? Why would I show you these? Well, these are bigger.

$29.98 Anchor Hocking set of 10 glass containers
These cover a range of sizes and would be a good starter set if you wanted to overhaul and throw out your plastic tupperware.

I am slowly replacing what we have.

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