Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Other animal items from Madewell? Yup

I loved that bunny cardigan, so I thought I'd check and see if there might be any other animal themed clothes from Madewell for you guys... Turns out there are some!

$108 Counting sheep sweater
The scale of this print is perfect for the sweater, I think. It's not too big and childish, or too small and just looks like a pattern.

$118 Silk horseplay boyshirt
This button down shirt features stylized sketches of horses. I love a silk top.

$68 Horseplay sweatshirt
Interestingly, they enlarged the horse drawings for this shirt, which gives it a whole different effect. Doesn't it look more casual even without looking at the shape/style?

$78 Armadillo muscle tank
Yes, those are little curled up armadillos on the bottom, not just circles.
I am not sure who would pay $78 for a tank top unless armadillos are your favorite animal above all else, but in case they are, this is for you.

$59.50 Llama love scarf
I think you can guess what is going on here. There are llamas all around the edge of this scarf. The name of it is throwing me off a little. Is it "llama, love scarf!" as an imperative? Is it a "llama-love scarf?" Mysteries of the ages.
It's wool, which is good for staying knotted and keeping warm

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