Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Handkerchiefs in a tissue box

I like handkerchiefs and usually have one in my purse in case my face gets sweaty or I need to blow my nose or wipe off a rainy bag or something.

Saying "handkerchiefs" is much more appealing than saying "reusable tissues" but that is essentially what they are.

And now there is this set that comes with its own tissue box to drive home the point.
I think it's kind of neat.

$6.39 Hankettes Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs

The set comes with 8 washable cloth handkerchiefs and a sturdy box to hold them in so you can pretend they are tissues.

This would be a good gift for someone who wants to go all organic and low waste. Or someone who you want to give the hint to wipe their nose.

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